Common Visa Application Mistakes To Avoid

The process of obtaining a U.S. visa is complex and can sometimes be lengthy. If you make a mistake during the application process, you will see firsthand just how true this statement is. To somewhat simplify this process and keep your stress level lower, learn some of the common application mistakes people make so that you can avoid them: Ignoring Timelines Visa applications don't progress at your pace. Instead, the time for completion is based on the type of application you're completing, whether you require administrative review and the caseload of your local office so you will need to contact them first to see how much time is required. Read More 

Domestic Violence Could Result In Your Deportation

No one wants to be involved in a case of domestic violence, but sometimes people say and do things that they later live to regret. Unfortunately, if you are a green card holder, or a non-immigrant (temporary) visa holder, this could mean more than a mandatory hold by your local police. A charge for domestic violence could make you subject to losing your ability to stay in this country. If convicted you could face deportation. Read More 

A Couple of Myths About Filing Immigration Documents

Immigrating to another country is always a major event, and individuals that are going through this process will frequently become somewhat overwhelmed by the amount of work and legal requirements that will have to be met. Fulfilling these various requirements will require you to use an assortment of professional services to prepare official documents. When sending these documents, you will also need to properly certify them. While this is a fairly standardized process, misinformation can lead to mistakes that could cause your application to be delayed or outright rejected. Read More