A Couple of Myths About Filing Immigration Documents

Immigrating to another country is always a major event, and individuals that are going through this process will frequently become somewhat overwhelmed by the amount of work and legal requirements that will have to be met. Fulfilling these various requirements will require you to use an assortment of professional services to prepare official documents. When sending these documents, you will also need to properly certify them. While this is a fairly standardized process, misinformation can lead to mistakes that could cause your application to be delayed or outright rejected.  

Myth: Having A Document Notarized Is Always Sufficient For Overseas Purposes

When you are certifying your immigration documents, it can be easy to simply assume that having them notarized will be all that is needed to properly verify them. Unfortunately, the exact rules can vary depending on the target country. For example, there are many countries that will simply accept notarized documents for the purposes of immigration documents, but others will require an additional step. In these countries, you will need to obtain an apostille certification for your authentication documents. Due to the variance in rules from country to country, you should contact the appropriate office before sending your final paperwork to ensure that you have all of the necessary certifications to process your application.

Myth: It Will Be Extremely Difficult To Use An Apostille Service

The process of obtaining an apostille certification for your documents can be rather intensive and complicated. Often, it will be necessary to contact both your local secretary of state as well as the federal State Department to complete this process. Individuals that are needing these certifications can easily become intimidated by this process. However, you can retain a professional apostille service to help navigate your request through this complicated process. In order for these services to start their work, you may need to provide proof of identification. Also, it is common for clients to be required to pay the full fee of these services prior to work starting.

Preparing your immigration documents can be an exciting and stressful time. The complex requirements to successfully immigrate to many countries can make mistakes a common issue. In particular, this is a frequent issue when it comes to the required certifications for the immigration documents. Once you are aware of the potential need to obtain an apostille certification as well as the fact that professional apostille services can greatly reduce the complexity of filing for this type of certification, it will be easier to successfully manage your immigration filing.

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