Language Requirements For Citizenship: How Do You Meet Yours?

Many families and individuals move to the United States seeking new opportunities and growth. But in order to become a United States citizen, you must meet certain criteria. Some of the requirements you must meet are the ability to speak, read, and understand English and know about the country's history. Here are things you can do to meet the requirements for citizenship.

Take Language Courses Online

A growing number of immigrants from different countries around the world learn to speak, read, and understand English through online language classes. The individuals do so in order to become successful or well-adjusted in the United States. Some of these individuals seek better employment and living arrangements once they become citizens. 

You can obtain the language courses you need online or in person at a local community center or library. Many immigrants take courses online in order to meet their goals. The courses allow you to learn basic and advanced English skills, including how to start and carry conversations. Your courses should also include a detailed history of the country, including the current and past government. You may need to pass a separate history and government test in order to complete your language program. 

Once you learn to communicate in English, contact an immigration attorney to help you apply for citizenship. 

Contact an Immigration Attorney

An immigration attorney can help you apply for your citizenship properly. But you'll need to do some things first, including getting a copy of your green card and proof of residence. You also need to provide copies of your English literacy tests and other pertinent educational documents that show you understand the country's history and language. 

A lawyer may want to verify your documents by contacting the school or institution that assisted you. Be sure to provide the institutions' contact numbers, addresses, and email addresses, if needed. You may wish to make copies of these documents and keep them in a safe place for future use. This is very important if you plan to move to another area of the U.S. later.

Once you submit your documents, you may need to wait some time before your citizenship becomes approved. The wait time may vary from case to case, so consult directly with an attorney as needed.

If you're ready to become a citizen of the United States and need legal advice on how to do so, contact an immigration law firm like The Ortiz Law Firm today.